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The Medico-Legal Journal
Medico-Legal Journal is dedicated to promoting Medico-Legal knowledge in all its aspects. It provides an official record of the proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society, and a unique collection of contributions and speeches from eminent speakers at society events. In addition to this, the journal seeks to further the society's aim to expand knowledge of medico-legal matters by commissioning articles on topics from across this diverse field.

The current content of The Medico-Legal Journal can be found at
The Medico-Legal Journal has its entire archive, dating back to 1933 online and available for Society members.

In addition, the Journal seeks to further the Society's aims in education on medico- legal matters by commissioning additional articles on topics as diverse as:

  • Developments in the European Legal Orders: Implications for the Medical Profession
  • Fairchild and the "Guilty Fibre"
  • Fact or Fiction? Verbal and Behavioural Clues to Detect Deception
  • Selecting Participants When Testing New Drugs: the Implications of Age and Gender Discrimination
  • Acute Subdural Haematoma in a Boxer
What is the Frequency and Format of the Journal?
The Medico-Legal Journal is a quarterly publication available in paper and electronic form.
The journal is published by Sage on behalf of the Medico-Legal Society and can be found here
All subscribers receive 4 paper issues per year.
Download the Updated Index of Articles
Download a pdf file containing an index from the start of the Journal to volume 64. A free program for reading pdfs, Adobe Acrobat Reader, can be downloaded from Using Acrobat the historic archive is searchable by keyword. All issues are available at the Royal Society of Medicine library and most issues at the Inns of Court Library and Law Society Library.