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Monthly Archives: July 2020

The special Covid-19 edition of the Medico-Legal Journal (vol 88 part 2) has been published.

The Editor has written a wide-ranging review of the impact of the virus in the UK in general and London in particular whilst the Medical Editor considers its impact on children.

Authors from the Institute of Legal Medicine in Catanzaro,  Italy consider the implications of the virus for domestic violence and a series of articles by contributors from Palermo, Sicily  consider the usefulness of digital tools as a means of access to psychological and psychotherapeutic support; telemedicine for diagnostic and other purposes; whether there are lessons to be learned by the Italian Health Service and of demands by prisoners for “home detention” in order to avoid infection whilst incarcerated.

Another group as widely dispersed as India, the Czech Republic and Jamaica look at dead body management during the pandemic.

Lawyers from the UK write about the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the likelihood of the pandemic provoking future litigation.