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Members have received the print edition of their Journal – Volume 88 Part Four. This brings to five the issues that have been published during 2020. The extra edition was  created to make up for the inability to hold meetings during the summer.

Professor Harry Zeitlin, now our President, was the Medical Editor at the time he wrote the Editorial on the dilemmas that face countries accepting asylum seekers.

Narinder Kapur from UCH in London discusses how a chart or “Schema” could help lawyers understand how clinical negligence occurs.

This issue also has contributions sourced from India, Nepal and Italy.

From India, there is are articles on how the birth of a female child can be a factor leading to the wife’s murder; how a murderer spread salt over his victim’s body intending to hasten decomposition but which unintentionally preserved the body; a discussion of the dilemma posed to doctors when faced by hunger strikers. And the case of a young video gamer who committed suicide when scolded by his parents.

From Italy: how Covid-19 has become a novel spur to suicide. A separate article discusses the effect of Covid on prisoners including suicide but also mental illness generally. From Catanzaro, a discussion of how liquified petroleum gas mixtures can be used as an aid to suicide; from Palermo, how a congenital anomaly called Myocardial Bridging can be a leading cause of death among sports players.

And from Nepal, how establishment of One-Stop Crisis Management Centres have helped victims of sexual assault but how they receive less sympathetic treatment at a standard emergency department.

Finally, Daniel Haines, now our Medical Editor, has reviewed Richard Shepherd’s book. “Unnatural Causes.”  Dick Shepherd was well known as an active member of the Society who addressed us some years ago about the Hungerford Massacre but is now better known as presenter of the TV series “Autopsy: The Last Hours of….”

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