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During the Covid restrictions, we were very successful in holding our monthly meetings over Zoom and were joined by many existing and new members from outside London and, indeed, from abroad.

Following the lifting of the restrictions, it has been delightful to resume our meetings at the Medical Society of London’s historic building, Lettsom House, to meet and socialise afterwards and enjoy the wine and canapes provided.

However, our attempts to relay physical meetings over Zoom have met with limited success. In particular, members joining via Zoom found it hard to hear the speaker and almost impossible to hear questions from the live audience.

The Society is seeking professional help in overcoming these problems. As an interim measure, our honorary secretary Evelyn Palmer, Journal Editor Diana Brahams and her husband former Council member (and self-confessed equipment nerd) Malcolm Brahams met the Medical Society of London’s registrar Commander Mike Flynn at the end of March and worked out a better method of relaying both the lecture and the subsequent discussion. Members who attended the May meeting via Zoom reported a much more satisfactory experience.

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