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The latest Medico-Journal has been published and the print edition should have reached members and subscribers by the beginning of January.

Diana Brahams ’editorial reports at length on a “remarkable conference” in London focussing on women’s health issues including screening for breast cancer, HRT and inter-operative radiotherapy.

Reports on the Society’s own proceedings include Sir Mansel Aylward’s talk on the Bevan Commission’s review of healthcare in Wales which, as he explains, had implications for the whole of the UK and beyond. There is also  full report (with photos) of the addresses to the Society’s annual dinner delivered by the unique “double act” of Dr David Wright, Microbiologist and his wife Rosalind Wright, former director of the Serious Fraud Office.

There are independent contributions on Death during Sexual Intercourse, Illegal import of Narcotics into Italy by “Body Packing,” the issue of Covert Recording of Medicolegal Consultations and a new Hong Kong statute which protects a factual statement in an apology from being used  in litigation. Finally, there is a controversial letter from a retired English barrister on Transgender Issues


The Society’s current president, Sir Robert Francis QC is best known for his chairmanship of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust Public Enquiry. He was installed on 11th October  2018 –  our first meeting of the 2018-2019 season. His presidential address concerned the sad cases of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard and  whether withdrawal of treatment was in the best interests of such children. A full report will appear in the Medico-Legal Journal in due course.