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Monthly Archives: September 2022

The latest print version of the Medico-Legal Journal (Volume 90 Part 3) has been published.

Prominent among the usual array of international and local contributions is the account of the address by Lord Neuberger, the former President of the Supreme Court of the UK on “Personal Autonomy – a blessing or a curse?”

There is also a timely consideration by the Editors of the role of Refugee Doctors both in the past and during the current conflict in the Ukraine.

Other contributions are from the usual diverse sources:  From Ireland there is an article on the attitude of consultants to Advanced Healthcare Directives. Another Irish contribution discusses the apparent increase in female homicide in Ireland. From Wales, there is an assessment of video technology in Mental Health Act Assessments. From Canada, financial decision making by persons with aphasia. From England, a review of a wrongful conviction in 1877 and from our former president, Alec Samuels, a review of litigation arising from obstetrics and gynaecology – particularly birth injuries;

From India there is a review of an aviation disaster in 2020 and another article on age estimation based on impaction of the third molar; from Italy, a report of death from binge-eating; from Greece, description of a suicide case where death occurred due to injuries suffered after the attempt; and finally, contributors from Nepal and Saudi Arabia discuss the benefits of training of training forensic practitioners in the practical aspects of exhumation.

The print version of the Journal was prepared before the Society’s 2022-2023 programme was finalised and still lists the previous year’s events. Please refer to the “Programme” section of this website for the coming year’s programme.