Promoting medico-legal knowledge in all its aspects

Why Join the Medico-Legal Society?

The Medico-Legal Society has provided education and information on matters medico-legal for the more than a century. Speakers at Society meetings are of a consistently high standard and are invited with the aim of providing a range of topics covering civil and criminal law and all related aspects of forensic medicine. A convivial atmosphere at meetings provides an excellent forum for discussion between the professions. The Society’s journal, the Medico-Legal Journal, provides articles based on these and additional articles of interest.

Members can attend all meetings, which also qualify for continuing education credits under key professional bodies’ schemes. Membership includes the Medico-Legal Journal in paper and electronic form.

Members can thus attend a unique series of lectures, collecting continuing education credits that would be hugely expensive by other means and receive the journal — for an annual fee less than the price of the journal alone!

How to join

Those with an interest in medico-legal issues are able to apply for membership to the Society.

Membership fees are £100 for ordinary members and £25 for students.  New Members of the Society, who join  after 1st October in any year will benefit from their first year of subscription covering the remainder of that year and the whole of the following year.

We also have a class of Overseas Membership for those not resident in the UK for which the annual membership fee is £50.00.  Overseas members will be able to use Zoom to participate in meetings of the Society and will also be entitled to view the Medico-Legal Journal online but will not receive the hard copy of the Journal and will not have voting rights.


At the time of joining or renewal, student members must be resident in England or Wales and engaged in studying full-time (i.e., at least 15 hours per week of externally-organised daytime study) on a recognised course of training required for qualification as a member of a legal or legally-related profession and/or a medical or medically-related profession.

To apply for membership please complete the form below and remember to attach your CV.

Please read our GDPR Compliance Statement.

Once your application is approved by the Council, we will contact you to arrange payment.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

NOTE: This form is for joining the Society. If you are already a member, you can renew your membership here.