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The latest edition of the Medico-Legal Journal (Volume 87 Part 3 2019) has been published.

In a joint editorial, the Editors have commented upon whether pets are good for our health. The toasts proposed by Dame Nicola Davies and Dame Clare Marx at the Society’s Annual Dinner are reported with accompanying photographs.

The address on Assisted Fertility by Catherine Drennan, Head of the legal dept at the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority is printed with the associated discussion.

There are original articles: from the University of Texas whose authors take issue with a previous author’s forensic analysis of the fractures observed in a 3 million year old fossil from Ethiopia, from members of a Nepalese Department of Forensic Medicine  who discuss neonaticide and the prosecution of the mother held responsible and from a retired London Psychiatrist who writes about the safeguards that would be needed if Assisted Dying became lawful. On a more parochial level, a retiring member of the Society’s Council comments on the changes in its constitution and the passing of the “Barnes Rhythm Method.”



The Society’s Annual Dinner took place at the Apothecaries Hall on 20th May 2019.

The President, Robert Francis QC introduced the speakers


The Rt Hon Lady Justice Nicola Davies QC proposed the toast to “Medicine”

Dame Clare Marx proposed the toast to”The Law”

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