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Members and subscribers will now have received their print edition of the Medio-Legal Journal (Volume 89 Part 3, 2021.)

Dr Nathalie MacDermott’s timely address on “What is a Pandemic” is reproduced.

Original articles from the UK include the Editor’s review of the Society’s first 120 years and from contributors in Oxford, Manchester and elsewhere, a 25-year review of “Diversion Services” – the identification by the criminal justice system of offenders with mental health needs. Another contributor considers the advantages and disadvantages of virtual clinics in the NHS.

As usual there is a plethora of contributions from abroad:

Authors from Italy discuss the role of respiratory tract infections as a factor in Sudden Infant Death. Also from Italy are contributions on whether occupational clinicians have a duty to undertake clinical assessments and on a six-year study in Genoa on unexpected non-cardiac deaths.

From India there is a discussion on whether there are distinctive symptoms when death is caused by lightning strikes; also from India, an examination of whether post mortem animal activity (e.g. ant bites) can suggest criminal activity were there was none and an explanation of how India used colonial era legislation to combat Covid-19.

From Russia (perhaps a first?) the use of computers in creating a 3D reconstruction of a crime scene;

From Nepal, review of a seven-year study of witchcraft and untouchability in crimes against women; from New Orleans, USA, an article asks if compulsory patents – forcing patent-holders to compulsorily licence their products to third parties – would reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals.

Face to Face Again

On 14th October 2021 the Society will hold its first in-person meeting at the Medical Society of London since the lockdown came into force in March 2020.  The speaker will be Dr Margret Stark and we will take the opportunity to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Society’s foundation.

The last time we met in person we were addressed by Ms Bahar Ata, Director of Public Law & Immigration at Duncan Lewis, Solicitors. That was barely 2 weeks before the lockdown came into force and those of us who attended felt very brave (or was it foolhardy?)

Using Zoom has served us well since then and we will continue to use it to relay live meetings and to enable members to access recordings for several months after each session.

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