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Malcolm Brahams

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Dinner is served at Apothecaries Hall

The Society’s annual dinner, which was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid, finally took place on 20th June 2022. The venue was once again the Apothecaries Hall in BlackFriars Lane London EC4.

The toast to”Medicine” was proposed by Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws, QC and the toast to “The Law” was proposed by her husband Professor Iain Hutchison.


Baroness Kennedy (L) with the                     L: The Hon Medical Secretary, Dr Gerrard Burnett

President, Professor Zeitlin  (R)                      R: Professor Iain Hutchison

and Mrs Zeitlin (Centre)


L: President-elect Simon Readhead QC               Current President,                       L: Ms Jane Turner, Medical Editor

R: Past President Robert Francis QC                      Professor Harry Zeitlin                  R: Mrs Diana Brahams, Editor


An unexpected consequence of the Pandemic and the need to hold meetings via Zoom was to extend the Society’s membership and those atttending virtual meetings well beyond UK shores.

As an example, Volume 89 part 4 of the Medico-Legal Journal (Vol 89 part 4) reflects the continuing international nature of both the journal and the Society itself. That edition included items from Maryland USA, the Punjab, Adelaide, Rome, Malaysia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Nepal and Saudi Arabia.