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Why are most maternal deaths in the UK still due to substandard care?
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Dr David Gill
This article is taken from the Medico-Legal Journal, which provides readers with considered and stimulating articles on all aspects of medico-legal theory and practice.
The courts seem to require psychiatric injury to be diagnosed according to official psychiatric classifications such as the DSM and the ICD, which were not designed for legal application but for research and clinical purposes. Conceptual issues thus arise if they are used in the law; their inbuilt checks and balances should not be ignored – though they often are. Research indicates that symptoms and disability are common in the population, and many claimants may, even before the litigated event, have experienced the very difficulties that they attribute to it. The role of trauma has been overestimated in the genesis of post traumatic stress disorder; traumatic events as defined are "neither necessary nor sufficient" to produce it. Exaggeration of symptoms is common amongst claimants. New psychological techniques can help to identify it, but must not be overinterpreted.
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