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The Society’s new president, Sir Robert Francis QC was installed on 11th October –  our first meeting of the 2018-2019 season. His presidential address concerned the sad cases of Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard and  whether withdrawal of treatment was in the best interests of such children. A full report will appear in the Medico-Legal Journal in due course.


The latest edition of the Medico-Legal Journal (Volume 86 Part 3) was published at the beginning of October.

The contents include transcripts of Dr Philip Joseph’s lecture on “The Perils of Public Transport”, and an exposé by “Times” journalist Billy Kenber of how price-hiking drug companies exploit the NHS.

The journal also includes an original article by  past President  Alec Samuels on the cost of Clinical Negligence to the NHS, a discussion of Malpractice Litigation in Stroke Care by two practitioners from Hong Kong, and an article by Emma Szelepet,  a senior lecturer at the University of Law, London, on the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

The Journal is also available on line (with colour illustrations not available in print). Click here for more details.


The Society holds an annual black tie dinner at which a distinguished lawyer proposes a toast to “Medicine” and a distinguished doctor toasts “the Law.” The 2019 dinner is scheduled to take place on 20th May. Particulars of the speakers and the venue will follow.

The previous issue of the Medico-Legal Journal (Volume 85 part 4) contains a full report of the Society’s meeting in May 2017 which was addressed by Dr Oliver Quick on the subject of “Medical Manslaughter – Time for a Rethink.”

Original articles include a strongly expressed personal view on the subject of Gender Fluidity by a retired barrister with responses by both Editors, a review by Dr John Bradley of his Sixty years in Psychiatry and contributions from India and Sri Lanka and by our past president Alec Samuels.

The Journal is also available on line (with colour illustrations not available in print). Click on the “Medico-Legal Journal” item on the left and follow the link for more details.