Promoting medico-legal knowledge in all its aspects

Submissions should be sent directly to the Editors ([email protected]) ([email protected]).  Space is often at a premium.  Publication will appear first on line and them in the paper issue of the quarterly Journal.

All texts should be original and in clear and grammatical English (UK setting on your computer, please) and as concise as possible.  As a rule we prefer texts to be no longer than 2,500 words where possible.  They should have a short abstract and then key words followed by the main text  and we ask that you restrict the number of references cited to a sensible minimum.

Our readers are international and straddle the professions of Law and Medicine but the latter will also include dentistry, science and epidemiology and other affiliated disciplines that touch on areas of Medico-Legal interest.

We are willing to offer advice and guidance on whether a topic is likely to be of interest but we cannot guarantee publication until we have had a chance to see the text itself.

We welcome new ideas and new contributors.  We reserve the right to edit texts to improve presentation but your approval will always be sought before any further steps are taken.  Contributors who have had their texts accepted will in due course be asked by our publishers, SAGE, to sign a copyright agreement and will receive proofs in due course to approve before the text goes public.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Diana Brahams, Editor.

Harry Zeitlin (Medical Editor)