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The hard copy of the first Medico-Legal Journal of the year 2021 (Volume 89 part 1) should now have dropped onto the mats of members and subscribers.

Among the features (much of which will already have appeared online) are Professor Harry Zeitlin’s presidential address on “Expert witnesses, past present and future” and the Editor’s thoughts on the benefit bestowed by pets during the Covid-19 crisis.

Authors from Manchester analyse applications by struck-off doctors to be restored to the medical register and contributors from Leicester consider the impact of Covid-19 on medical education. Away from Covid, independent researcher John Bradley discusses the way a Redress Board in the Irish Republic has handled applications for damages from people abused in institutions run by the Catholic Church.

As always, the journal displays its strong international flavour There are contributions from Taiwan on how legislation passed after the SARS epidemic in 2003 may have helped contain the virus in that country, from Ukraine on the risk of corruption during the pandemic and from Malta on labour ward negligence. There are articles from Sicily on how Covid has affected   human rights in relation to asylum seekers, from Malaysia on the vulnerability of different ethnic groups to heart disease, from Italy on the danger of the virus persisting in cadavers and from India on the importance of proper evidence management in securing convictions in cases of sexual assault and homicide.

At the Society’s first meeting of the new season on 8th October 2020  Sir Robert Francis QC (well known for conducting the Mid-Staffs Enquiry and latterly chairman of Healthwatch England) handed over the presidency to Professor Harry Zeitlin, Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at University College, London.    Professor Zeitlin addressed the meeting (held via Zoom and attended by more than 50 members) on the subject of “Expert Witnesses Past Present and Future.”  During the subsequent discussion, the meeting was delighted to hear from its former president Dr Neville Davis who, at the age of 95, is continuing to act as an expert witness.

Professor Zeitlin

Following Harry Zeitlin’s appointment as President he has relinquished his position as Medical Editor of the Medico-Legal Journal and  Dr Daniel Haines has taken his place. Danial Haines is former President of the Society and had acted as Medical Editor before serving as President.


Dr Haines




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